We are very pleased to offer our wine direct from the winery to you! 

Cantina Tollo , in the Abruzzi region on Italy's east coast, was founded in 1960 through the initiative of a small group of people who wanted to give value to an old tradition and try with enthusiasm a new experience.  Every choice, initiative, and innovation has been made to achieve excellence.?  In 1962, the first great step was taken: the wine-making methods.  After ten years came the bottling, the invention of a brand and the creation of a new identity to introduce Cantina Tollo to the world.?  Then with the help of an experienced oenologist we blended tradition and technology to start the production of Montepulciano, Trebbiano and Cerasuolo wines.  

All of our wines offered here have been properly imported, carefully handled, and are available for immediate shipment directly from our U.S. stocks.  We hope you enjoy our wines! 
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