We are very pleased to offer our wines direct from the winery to you! 

Over the last 150 years, six generations have strived obstinately and with a certain amount of success to keep Domaine Chiroulet prospering, demonstrating their true loyalty to the Ténarèze soil. The Chiroulet estate is situated on the highest slopes in Gascony, at around 180 metres (600 feet) altitude.  The particular care taken over the blending (with a predominance of the Merlot grape) and the fact that they are matured in wooden casks, gives Chiroulet red wines a unique character, already recognised by the biggest wine critics. And the white wines now express wonderfully their floral and mineral profile derived from the limestone outcrop called the "Peyrusquet" they are grown on. The Chiroulet estate, composed of 45 hectares (110 acres) of vines aged between 10 and 40 years old, is one of the rare properties in France to produce vintage wines which take you through from the aperitif to the after-dinner liqueur. 

All of our wines offered here have been properly imported, carefully handled, and are available for immediate shipment directly from our U.S. stocks.  We hope you enjoy our wines! 
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