Finca La Anita is the label of our premium wines, 100% varietals, made every year out of the best of our vintages. Limited productions, coming from the whims of every year's grape harvest. Luna is our trade mark for wines of our second line. They are made using the same methods we use for the production of Finca La Anita. 

Finca La Anita, plainly, is the name of our blends. We bottle them on the vintages when the quality of our varietals, coincide in the highest levels of quality. Due to our close friendship with the Argentine Breeders of Quarter Horses Association, we bottle Cuarto de Milla, red and white, as a homage to the quality of the horses they breed. These are wines made as blends of two or, at the most three grape varieties. 

We make our wines only out of our own grapes, and only when our vintages reach levels of quality that satisfy our standards. Wines are made inside our estate, on a small production scale. They achieve the singular personality that close surveillance of every detail in every step of their production, from grapes to bottled product, endows them with. It is our earnest wish that every varietal, every vintage of our wines may be identified distinctively by our friends on tasting them, as each one conveys the unique combination afforded it by each year's pattern of growing conditions and personalized wine making procedures. 

Every year has its history captured in our wines.