At Valle Perdido, we create top quality Patagonian wines (Neuquén) with well-defined styles.  We also produce wines designed to accompany joyful or special moments. Valle Perdido endeavors to identify the development and the characteristics of the vines of San Patricio del Chañar, where the latitude must be emphasized (39° South) rather than altitude, the soil type (which is very diverse, being on the slopes between river and hills), the traditional trellis system, development of the canopy (1 m high), drip irrigation; high yield grape varieties and constant efforts to deal with the hostile forces of nature.

Faithful to the idea that fruit is the soul of wine, we produce wine in which the flavor of grapes is paramount. We take care of aromas from the vine by protecting leaves and clusters from direct exposure to the sun and we control wild vegetation in the furrows.  In our young varietal wines, we look for the point of ripeness which renders the maximum varietal expression.Our guiding principles are naturalness and authenticity in all processes.  We want to produce transparent wines, free from additives. We produce wines under the Valle Perdido and Argie labels.

Legend has it that far, far away, at the very end of the earth, in this land of myths and solitude, with its never-ending roads, dreams, and mystery, somewhere in Patagonia, deep in the Valle Perdido (Lost Valley), is the enchanted city, a sacred place that continually inspires the spirit of restless souls. It is said that every Friday at sunset in April, the gleaming domes of the beloved city appear over the horizon of the Valle Perdido. Historians and artist echo on the marvelous tranquility of its waters, the richness of its soil, and the amiable charm of its inhabitants in their work. It is from this legend that our name originates.

With our wines, we pay tribute to those who seek their dreams, a Valle Perdido as a metaphor for hope, a name that evokes the permanent pursuit of an ideal, of the infinite Patagonia. Valle Perdido reflects this everlasting unaltered dream in each bottle. Valle Perdido is a poem addressed to Patagonia and its people.