We are very pleased to offer our wines direct from the winery to you! 

Located in Aldeanueva de Ebro, the vines of Bodegas Viña Herminia are spread over the Monte Yerga hillside, an area that has been a very important oenological discovery due to the peculiarity of its climate and its root-stocks, from which we obtain wines of high quality, intense colour and modern character...

Viña Herminia has succeeded in placing its wines at the top of the charts, with particularly outstanding and formidable scores achieved by its most recently launched wines. The Viña Herminia pure varietals, a 100% Garnacha and a 100% Graciano, have scored 90 and 90+ points respectively, illustrating that their quality is not at all at odds with competitive prices. These two Crianza wines from the 2009 vintage have become the benchmark for followers of these two grape varieties from Rioja.

All of our wines offered here have been properly imported, carefully handled, and are available for immediate shipment directly from our U.S. stocks. We hope you enjoy our wines!
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